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“It's not far behind expensive enterprise systems that cost $250,000USD or more” C|Net

In 2000 Ecommerce Magic started development of a proprietary Ecommerce solution for a client. While researching additional functionality for our system we came across Interchange. We were impressed with what we found. With our clients’ approval we customised Interchange and integerated it into your system.

Key points:

  • Proven Technology
  • Over 10,000 developers using the software worldwide
  • Full Support available from Red Hat in addition to Ecommerce Magic
  • Mature product with over 5 years on innovation and improvements
  • Completely customisable to customer requirements
  • Integrates with Legacy Systems

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Screen Shots

Admin Homepage

Process orders made on your site.

Manage customer relationships.

Product inventory control.

Edit the information on every product your company has for sale through your web browser.

Content Management System (CMS) giving you the power to change the look and feel of every page on your site.

Update page templates.

Advanced merchandising of your products including time dependant specials, product up sales, and automatically create "Others who purchased this product purchased these products" relationships to maximise sales on your web site.

Generate standard reports or build your own reports to analyse your sales and traffic with these online tools.

Standard shop front. This can be quickly cusomised to include your own companies logo, colours and products getting your shop online quick smart. If you would prefer we can build a complete new interface for your store even modeling and integrating it into your current web site.

As you add products to your store through the admin interface they are instantly made available under the correct category on your site.

Your product pages can contain any information you like. In this example the product has a number of custom options that the user can select when ordering your products.


Interchange comes with a POWERFULL shopping cart system.

If you would like to have a play with Interchange yourself, click here and we will set you up with a free demo for 30 days.

Getting Started

Getting your own powerful Ecommerce web site. is easy with Ecommerce Magic.
Within 4 weeks you can have your business online making sales.
Pricing for Ecommerce starts from as low as $2000 setup and $99 per month.

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